waffle dress

Marie made waffle dress for the art& fashion contest.

Title: “ Model warfare ”

Materials: waffle, cotton cloth, thread

Models have to live up to standards, which are hard to reach.
They have to have the perfect weight and body.
The dress is an “armor” against the hard model world.
And on the other side a weapon against your enemies.
The waffle gives the dress a look of an ancient samurai outfit
they whore for going in to battle.
This dress symbolizes the tense border between the “perfect”
body and not living up to the standards.
The dress is made from something models cannot have, sugar (waffles).
Something you give your enemies. On the other hand
it can give you comfort in hard times.
The peace you can find in eating.
It is on one hand your best protection and
on the other hand your greatest weakness.

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